From London to LA: Global Airlines unveils Transatlantic plans for 2024

  • Global Airlines, a potential UK long-haul carrier, plans to begin flights from London Gatwick to New York JFK and Los Angeles.
  • Initially using two Airbus A380s configured with 450-470 seats in three classes, the airline aims to obtain its air operator's certificate this year.
  • CEO James Asquith highlights a newly-forged partnership with American Express and states the airline's vision is different from other transatlantic carriers.

LONDON — Emerging from the dynamic world of UK long-haul startups, Global Airlines is charting a flight path straight from London Gatwick to key US destinations like New York JFK and Los Angeles. With the Airbus A380s as their vehicle of choice, the airline is setting an initial seating capacity of 450-470 across three distinct classes.

At a recent event held in the heart of London, the airline's founder and CEO, James Asquith, shed light on the venture's ambitious roadmap. “Our journey didn't begin with just an impromptu A380 purchase,” he commented, highlighting the two years of rigorous planning backing the project.

Global Airlines has its eyes set not just on two, but five A380s. While a prior agreement secured one, the company is in advanced talks to bring three additional aircraft, presently in the USA, into its fold.

The airline's commitment to elevating the standard of air travel stems from Asquith's own vast experience. Having journeyed with 284 unique airlines, he sees a pristine potential in the A380, advocating for its impeccable efficiency when operated judiciously.

Though London Gatwick is no stranger to transatlantic giants like Norse Atlantic, British Airways, JetBlue Airways, and Delta Air Lines, Global Airlines is prepared to carve its own niche. Asquith candidly recognizes the challenges and past failures in the transatlantic sector but remains unfazed, saying, “We have a unique game plan.”

Adding to the roster of intriguing developments is the airline's fresh alliance with American Express. A testament to the venture's promising trajectory, Asquith teased, “Buckle up; the journey ahead is exhilarating.”