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FAA: Pilots should be capable of flying aircraft manually when needed
The US regulator mandates additional measure for inadvertent autopilot engagement in A220s during take-off
Neste delivers more than 500,000 gallons of sustainable aviation fuel to Los Angeles International Airport
New transatlantic airline selects Belfast International as main base.
ATR enters Uzbekistan with startup airline Silk Avia
Boeing forecasts "Air Cargo Traffic" to increase twofold over next 20 Years
Global Crossing Airlines receives authorization from US DOT to Increase its fleet to 11 Aircraft
Airline operators to push for lone pilot flights despite safety concerns
Air India gears up to place an historic order for 370 aircraft to be split between Boeing and Airbus
JetBlue to launch the second transatlantic route in the summer of 2023
New York JFK Airport to begin USD4.2bn Terminal 6 project in the first quarter of 2023
Airbus invests in climate solutions company, Carbon Engineering Ltd. to support world's largest direct air carbon capture R&D facility