Southwest navigates Boeing 737 MAX 7 hiccups by pivoting to MAX 8 

  • Southwest Airlines opts for 30 Boeing 737 MAX 7 planes to be delivered next year.
  • After Boeing's announcement of the 737 MAX 7's delivery delay to 2024, Southwest converts 24 of its MAX 7 orders to the operational MAX 8 model.
  • CEO Robert Jordan assures Southwest's readiness to integrate MAX 7 in 2023; however, will switch to MAX 8 orders if necessary.

DALLAS — Southwest Airlines, responding to Boeing's announcement of the 737 MAX 7's delayed delivery till 2024, has updated its aircraft acquisition strategy. In a move to mitigate potential setbacks, the airline, as reported in an SEC filing, has now converted 24 of its pending orders for the MAX 7 to the currently operational MAX 8 model.

This decision by Southwest is not just a proactive step against delays but also comes after the airline revealed quarterly results that did not meet expectations, causing speculation about the health of domestic travel within the US.

While the airline had originally planned to introduce 30 Boeing 737 MAX 7 aircraft to their fleet in 2023, CEO Robert Jordan indicated that they are flexible in their approach. During a recent post-earnings call, he stated that if inducting the MAX 7 becomes untenable next year due to unforeseen issues, the airline will be ready to integrate the MAX 8 instead.