BermudAir gears up for U.S. flights after securing Bermuda’s Air Operator Certificate

  • Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority grants AOC to newly-established BermudAir.
  • BermudAir to offer all-business class flights between Bermuda and the U.S. east coast, awaiting U.S. regulatory approval.
  • Azorra signs lease agreements with BermudAir for two Embraer E175 aircraft.

HAMILTON — Bermuda’s Transport Minister, Wayne Furbert, heralded the island's future aviation possibilities with the recent issuance of an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) to BermudAir. "Emerging from our home ground, BermudAir is set to elevate our island's connectivity, stimulate the economy, and draw more tourists to our captivating shores," Furbert remarked.

This new airline, anchoring its roots in the British Overseas Island Territory, promotes itself as a pioneering, boutique airline. It promises to seamlessly connect Bermuda with the U.S. east coast through succinct, luxury all-business class trips. Notably, it stands as the inaugural locally-founded airline in Bermuda's storied aviation journey.

BermudAir’s trajectory, having secured the AOC, now leans on the forthcoming nod from the U.S. Transportation Department. Their goal? To inaugurate a frequent air route linking Bermuda to the U.S. east coast. The airline expressed optimism, stating, "As we anticipate U.S. regulatory approval, our vision is to punctuate this summer with our maiden flights, solidifying Bermuda's reputation as both a business hub and travel haven."

Adam Scott, the CEO of BermudAir, views the AOC as a monumental stride in the airline's march toward operational grandeur. Further illuminating this progressive journey, a collaboration with Azorra in June saw BermudAir sealing a deal for two Embraer E175 jets. Azorra's CEO, John Evans, expressed his enthusiasm about this alliance: "Our collaboration with BermudAir underscores a mutual commitment to uplifting Bermuda's tourism while addressing the travel demands of its vibrant business community. The E175, we believe, is a strategic asset to amplify connectivity for Bermudians and those eager to explore our beautiful island."