ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — Boeing recently delivered a 787-10 aircraft to United Airlines. However, the company clarified that its temporary suspension of deliveries for the widebody model still stands.

The American planemaker announced on February 23 that it would halt deliveries due to a supplier's analysis mistake concerning the 787 forward-pressure bulkhead.

The company said the suspension of 787 deliveries is actually a pause on granting airworthiness certificates to the aircraft before they can be handed over to customers.

Boeing has confirmed that it did deliver a 787-10 aircraft to United Airlines on February 27 but clarified that the aircraft had already received its airworthiness certificate prior to the delivery suspension. The FAA has not lifted the pause on the issuance of airworthiness certificates for Boeing 787s.

According to the data from the flight tracking app FlightAware, United Airlines' newest 787-10 aircraft with registration N17015 flew from Everett to Denver on March 1, where it joined United's fleet.

Boeing's 787 program has been showing signs of improvement since August 2022, when the company resumed deliveries after a 22-month hiatus initiated due to quality concerns regarding fuselage panels and pressure bulkheads that did not meet the required specifications.

"We notified the FAA and have paused 787 deliveries while we complete the required analysis and documentation," Boeing said in a statement issued on February 23.

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Boeing has refrained from divulging further information about the issue. However, the company maintains that the problem does not pose a safety risk to Dreamliners currently in service and asserts that the affected aircraft will probably not require further modifications.