ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — Boeing has once again suspended the Dreamliner deliveries because of an "analysis error" committed by one of its suppliers, according to the company.

This marks another setback for the American planemaker, which has already faced significant scrutiny over the safety and quality of its aircraft in recent years. The cause and potential impact of the analysis error have yet to be disclosed by Boeing.

Deliveries will be resumed once the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is confident that the problem has been solved.

In a statement made last year in November, the company declared it was targeting to deliver 70 to 80 Boeing 787 in 2023.

Boeing has been striving to address a manufacturing quality concern related to the improper gaps between sections of the composite fuselage in the 787 program. The issue compelled the aerospace company to halt deliveries. After obtaining the necessary clearance from the Federal Aviation Administration, Boeing managed to resume 787 deliveries in August 2022 following the required rework.

While the delivery of its 787s was on hold, Boeing accumulated a backlog of undelivered aircraft. As of the close of 2021, the company was in possession of 100 undelivered Dreamliners by the end of last year.

Last month, the planemaker delivered three 787s to major carriers KLM, Lufthansa, and Qatar Airways. The aviation company also announced the receipt of orders for seven additional widebody aircraft from an unidentified customer or customers during the same month.