DUBLIN, IRELAND — EirTrade Aviation, the Irish aviation asset management and trading company, has been tasked with managing the disassembly and consignment of the first two Boeing 787-8s to be decommissioned from commercial service.

The 787-8, better known as the Dreamliner, was first flown commercially in 2011 and has been Boeing's flagship widebody aircraft ever since. The two 10-year-old aircraft will be dismantled at a remote location in tandem, with component parts set to become accessible towards the end of the first quarter of 2023.

EirTrade says the owner and identity of the planes to be dismantled is confidential at the moment.

Ken Fitzgibbon, CEO of EirTrade Aviation, has declared that the imminent disassembly of two Boeing 787s could not have come at a more opportune moment for those responsible for keeping the aircraft in service. With the first B787s reaching 12 years old, operators and maintenance facilities are looking to source used serviceable material (USM) to help reduce maintenance costs.

"As no B787s have been retired from commercial service to date, there is almost no USM market for this platform at the moment. We are entering into a specialist area and hope to become a market leader in the provision of USM for the platform, which will enable the reduction of the cost of maintenance events for B787 aircraft owners," Fitzgibbon said.

It is expected to take approximately three months to fully disassemble both aircraft. EirTrade is set to take charge of the inventory of assets from aircraft, which will be located within one of its Irish premises. The company will offer the assets for sale, rent, or exchange.