BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA — Australian regional operator Alliance Airlines has announced that it entered into an agreement with Irish lessor AerCap to acquire 30 Embraer E190 jets. The planes have been operated by a US airline since they were brand new. Delivery of the aircraft will begin in September 2023 and be finished by January 2026.

The ultimate cost of each aircraft will depend on the condition of the airframe and the two engines attached to it and will be determined in the week leading up to each delivery. As a result, the unit cost is subject to significant fluctuations, and a fixed fleet price cannot be confirmed at the moment.

The E190s will be delivered in the United States, and then they will be flown to the Brisbane-based carrier's recently established maintenance facility in Rockhampton, where they will undergo refurbishment and receive Australian certification. Some of the planes may be dismantled, with their engines and other components being preserved to assist the rest of Alliance's Embraer fleet, securing a vast parts pool for the E190 fleet.

In the event that the company acquires all the planned aircraft, the total fleet will ultimately consist of 100 planes, comprising 37 Fokker 100/70 and 63 Embraer E190 aircraft.

As the aircraft will be delivered over a period of more than two years, Alliance will have the opportunity to expand its services throughout Australia gradually.