MONTREAL, CANADA — As part of the certification process for the Saab 2000 to be approved for use in Canada by TCCA (Transport Canada Civil Aviation).

A cold-soak test was conducted to ensure the aircraft could start up and operate all systems after being exposed to temperatures dropping below -35 degrees Celsius (-31 degrees Fahrenheit) overnight.

The test was carried out in Yellowknife, Canada, where the crew had to endure several chilly days in February, waiting for suitable temperatures to conduct the test.

According to Jetstream Aviation Capital, the largest owner of Saab 2000 aircraft, the Saab 2000 is an ideal fit for Canada, with its nearly jet-like speed, fuel-efficient turboprop, and roomy 50-seat cabin. The aircraft's wide wheelbase, short takeoff capability, and ample power reserves also make it well-suited for this expansive country, offering increased safety and peace of mind.

The American turboprop lessor says there is a massive interest in the aircraft from Canadian regional operators.