KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIABrazilian planemaker Embraer anticipates that Malaysia will operate 60 new regional aircraft with a capacity of fewer than 150 seats over the next decade.

Sao Paulo-based airframer believes Embraer's new generation regional jets will be the most operated aircraft in the country by 2030.

"We expect there will be a demand of up to 60 new aircraft in Malaysia up to 150 seats over the next 10 years. Installing a fleet of E195-E2s brings the potential to connect up to 110 destinations to boost connectivity within Malaysia and neighboring countries," Arjan Meijer, President and chief executive officer at Embraer.

"The enhanced connectivity could stimulate an increase of 5.5 million passengers in the next 10 years with the deployment of the E2 jets," he added during an interview with local media.

With a range of 2600nm (around 5.5 hours of flight time), the E195-E2 is the largest of the three aircraft in the Brazilian aerospace giant's E-Jets E2 family.

The E195-E2 entered into service at the and of 2019 following type certification from the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and the Brazilian Civil Aviation Agency (BCAA).

The aircraft is currently operated by Dutch carrier KLM, Brazilian carrier Azul Airlines and some regional carriers in Switzerland, Spain, Belarus, and Nigeria.