TOULOUSE, FRANCEMore airlines join Qatar Airways over fuselage paint quality issues as the Doha-based carrier parks the third A350.

Reuters news agency recently reported that Finnair, Lufthansa, Etihad Airways, and Cathay Pacific have all complained about similar issues. Although the problem is mainly aesthetic and does not affect flight safety, Qatar Airways and other A350 operators have reportedly noted that wiring has also been damaged, likely causing the exposure of the aircraft's systems to the harsh weather.

Airbus acknowledged that the A350s encountered "early surface wear" and said that it was working to fix the issue as soon as possible. Spokesman Stefan Schaffrath told Bloomberg that the manufacturer was working with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

The concerns from other carriers invalidate a prior hypothesis that the issues were limited to Qatar Airways due to the high temperatures at Doha International Airport.

Qatar Airways currently operates 34 Airbus A350-900s and 19 A350-1000s, and has a further 23 -1000 variant on order. Deliveries have already been suspended by Qatar Airways due to this unsolved issue. Qatar Airways is the world's second-largest A350 operator behind Singapore Airlines.