Key Points:

  • QantasLink, the regional arm of Australia's national carrier, welcomes its first Airbus A220, marking a new era in fuel-efficient and passenger-centric travel.

  • This aircraft, adorned with an Aboriginal artwork-inspired livery, paves the way for replacing the aging 717 fleet and connecting more corners of Australia non-stop.

  • Boasting superior range, reduced emissions, and spacious cabins, the A220 promises a quieter, more comfortable journey for both passengers and the environment.

Australia Soars to New Heights with A220 Delivery

Australia's skies witness a new dawn as QantasLink, the regional carrier of Qantas, takes delivery of its first Airbus A220. This sleek and modern aircraft, emblazoned in a unique livery inspired by Aboriginal artwork, signifies a pivotal moment for Qantas' regional operations and passenger experience.

Connecting Further, Flying Greener

Replacing the current 717 fleet, the A220 boasts an impressive range, capable of connecting any two points within Australia non-stop. This opens up exciting possibilities for seamless regional travel, eliminating the need for inconvenient stopovers. Coupled with a 25% reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions compared to its predecessors, the A220 prioritizes both efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Comfort Takes Center Stage

Passengers can look forward to a noticeably more comfortable journey aboard the A220. Featuring the largest cabin, seats, and windows in its category, the aircraft provides ample legroom and personal space. Qantas' configuration offers 10 business-class seats and 127 economy seats, ensuring a tailored travel experience for every passenger.

Technological Brilliance in a Compact Package

Specifically designed for the 100-150 seat segment, the A220 reigns supreme as the most modern airliner in its class. Powered by the latest generation Pratt & Whitney GTF™ engines, it boasts a non-stop flight range of up to 3,450 nautical miles, enabling QantasLink to reach farther corners of the country with ease.

Furthermore, the A220 aligns with Airbus' commitment to sustainable aviation. Already capable of operating with up to 50% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), it paves the way for a future powered by 100% SAF by 2030.

A Global Success Story

With over 850 orders placed by 30 customers and more than 300 deliveries worldwide, the A220 has established itself as a global aviation success story. QantasLink's embrace of this cutting-edge technology positions itself as a leader in fuel-efficient, passenger-centric regional travel within Australia.