Key Points:

  • Boeing is reportedly in advanced negotiations to sell approximately 80 of its 787 Dreamliner jets to Thai Airways, outpacing Airbus in the process.

  • This development follows reports of Thai Airways' increased demand for up to 80 wide-body and 15 smaller aircraft, igniting competition between Boeing's 787 and Airbus' A350.

  • Amidst restructuring its debt and capitalizing on post-pandemic travel growth, Thai Airways' decision is yet to be officially confirmed by the involved parties.

Boeing Advances in Fleet Renewal Negotiations with Thai Airways

SEATTLE — Boeing is reportedly making significant strides in its discussions with Thai Airways for the sale of around 80 wide-body 787 Dreamliner aircraft. This development indicates Boeing’s advantage over Airbus in the ongoing negotiations for Thai Airways' fleet renewal, which is one of the most substantial wide-body aircraft orders recently seen in Southeast Asia. The potential deal with Thai Airways marks a notable achievement for Boeing in the competitive aviation market.

These negotiations were first reported by Reuters in September, highlighting Thai Airways' intentions to expand its fleet with up to 80 wide-body and 15 smaller jets. This expansion sparked a fierce rivalry between Boeing's 787 Dreamliner and Airbus' A350 models. While Boeing and Airbus have refrained from commenting on the matter, Thai Airways has not yet responded to requests for comment on these discussions.

Thai Airways' Strategic Expansion Amidst Travel Boom

Thai Airways is aiming to capitalize on the surge in post-pandemic travel by enhancing its regional routes with a renewed and bolstered fleet. However, there have been concerns regarding the capacity of major aircraft manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus, to increase production to meet the escalating demand. The airline’s decision to potentially procure a large fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners is a strategic move to strengthen its position in the growing travel market.

In 2021, Thai Airways initiated a restructuring of its significant debt, amounting to 400 billion baht (approximately $11.17 billion). This financial restructuring is a part of the airline's broader strategy to navigate through the challenges of the pandemic and to emerge stronger in the competitive aviation industry. The potential acquisition of Boeing 787 Dreamliners would be a critical step in Thai Airways' efforts to revitalize its fleet and enhance its service offerings in the rebounding travel sector.