Key Points:

  • On September 22, Turkish Airlines Flight 199 unintentionally flew over central Tokyo post departure from Haneda Airport.

  • Although the aircraft maintained a secure altitude, it didn't adhere to the designated route to mitigate noise in residential localities.

  • The Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry emphasized the need for the airline to take preventive actions for future incidents.

Turkish Airlines Flight deviates from its typical route over central Tokyo
TOKYO — On the evening of September 22, a startling deviation from the usual flight path occurred. A Turkish Airlines aircraft departing from Haneda Airport took an unexpected route over central Tokyo, even passing closely to renowned landmarks like Tokyo Tower, The Japan News reported.

Ministry Steps in Over Noise Concerns

The standard procedure post-departure from Haneda Airport entails an immediate right turn, directing flights eastward over the Odaiba district and following the Tokyo Bay coastline. However, this wasn't the case for Turkish Airlines Flight 199. Instead, after taking off, it continued its northwest trajectory, leading it over significant Tokyo locales, including the vicinity of Tokyo Tower and the Tsukiji Outer Market. This altered route resulted in heightened noise levels, with measurements spiking up to 83 decibels in the Nishi-Shinagawa region in Shinagawa Ward.

The Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry was prompt to address the situation. Emphasizing the need to avoid noise disturbances in residential zones, the Ministry approached the airline, urging corrective measures. Their concern was rooted in the plane's non-compliance with the specified route designed to minimize residential noise disruptions.

Airline's Response and Preventive Measures

Upon inquiry, the airline cited technical challenges, noting the flight's inability to transition from manual operations to autopilot post-departure. The transport ministry, emphasizing the gravity of the matter, requested a thorough investigation into the incident. They sought collaborative efforts from both Turkish Airlines and Turkish aviation regulators to ascertain the cause and ensure the non-recurrence of similar episodes.

In addition to addressing the immediate airline involved, the transport ministry extended its advisory to all airlines operating to and from Haneda Airport, underlining the significance of adhering to designated flight paths.