Key Points:

  • TAAG Angola Airlines fortifies its fleet by ordering four fuel-efficient 787 Dreamliners from Boeing.

  • The acquisition aligns with TAAG's goal to provide improved passenger experiences and efficient aircraft options for intercontinental connections.

  • Boeing's market outlook anticipates significant growth in Africa's aviation sector, with the continent projected to require over 1,000 aircraft in the upcoming two decades.

TAAG Angola Airlines' new 787 Dreamliner, symbolizing the airline's commitment to efficient and superior passenger services.

TAAG's Strategic Move to Enhance Intercontinental Connectivity

SEATTLE —In a bid to enhance its aircraft offerings, TAAG Angola Airlines has collaborated with Boeing, confirming the acquisition of four highly efficient 787 Dreamliner widebody jets. This move underscores TAAG's commitment to fleet diversification and improved passenger service.

A Strategic Investment for Enhanced Intercontinental Services

Elaborating on the new acquisition, TAAG Angola Airlines' CEO, Eduardo Fairen, emphasized the airline's vision of collaborating with leading global manufacturers to cultivate a diverse fleet. "The 787 Dreamliner perfectly aligns with our objective for a modern and efficient fleet that can enhance our passengers' flight experiences," stated Fairen. He highlighted the aircraft's potential in rejuvenating the airline's current widebody offerings and fortifying intercontinental services.

Boeing Foresees a Promising African Aviation Landscape: 

Anbessie Yitbarek, Boeing's Vice President of Commercial Sales and Marketing for Africa, expressed optimism about the Dreamliner's role in extending TAAG Angola Airlines' international outreach. "The Dreamliner, with its unmatched efficiency and passenger amenities, will be pivotal in advancing the carrier's modernization strategy," Yitbarek remarked.

Currently, TAAG Angola Airlines operates a fleet comprising five 777-300ERs, three 777-200ERs, and seven 737-700s, serving a spectrum of 12 destinations spanning Africa, Europe, South America, and China.

Furthermore, Boeing's Commercial Market Outlook for Africa showcases an encouraging panorama for the continent's aviation sector. The forecast anticipates a demand for approximately 1,025 airplanes over the next twenty years, with air traffic growth pegged at 7.4%. This rate positions Africa as the third fastest-growing global region, surpassing the global average growth rate of 6.1%.

Since its initiation in 2011, the 787 Dreamliner family has unveiled more than 370 innovative nonstop routes worldwide. Known for its eco-friendliness, the 787 Dreamliner stands out with a 25% reduction in fuel consumption and emissions, as opposed to its predecessors. Moreover, passengers can anticipate an enhanced travel experience with features like expansive windows, a comforting ambiance, spacious overhead bins, advanced LED lighting, and advanced turbulence-mitigating technology.