Key Points:

  • Airbus confirms the delivery of 55 aircraft in September, accumulating a total of 488 jets over nine months.

  • Air India receives its initial A350, originally destined for Russia's Aeroflot.

  • Despite steady September deliveries, Airbus sees a 23% increase in Q3 compared to 2022, aiming for 720 total deliveries this year.

Airbus aircraft lined up for delivery, showcasing the company's consistent performance and Air India's newest A350 addition.

Airbus' Sales Momentum: Nine-Month Order Hits 1,280 Jets

TOULOUSE — Airbus has maintained its steady pace in the aviation market, dispatching 55 aircraft in September. This consistency matches their delivery figures from September of the previous year, 2022. Cumulatively, their nine-month delivery count stands at 488 jets.

Air India's Newest Acquisition

A notable highlight of Airbus' September deliveries was the inauguration of the A350 for Air India. This delivery has an intriguing backstory, as this jet was part of a sextet initially earmarked for Russia's Aeroflot. This addition comes after Air India's substantial order earlier in the year, where it committed to procuring 470 aircraft, split between Airbus and Boeing.

Third Quarter Performance and Sales

Airbus experienced a surge in the third quarter, witnessing a 23% increase in deliveries in comparison to the same timeframe in the preceding year. As they push forward, Airbus remains ambitious, setting a goal to reach 720 aircraft deliveries by the year's end. Additionally, the company's sales figures were commendable in September, registering the sale of 23 jets. This further boosts their nine-month sales performance to an impressive 1,280 aircraft, with a net figure of 1,241 jets after accounting for cancellations.