Key Points:

  • LOT aspires to grow its fleet to approximately 110 aircraft in the next half-decade.

  • The airline plans to introduce 20 additional scheduled destinations, including long-haul routes.

  • Upgrades to their Boeing 787-8s will see improved cabin designs and state-of-the-art in-flight entertainment.

LOT Aims for 70% Boost in Passenger Numbers by 2028

WARSAW — Poland's leading airline, LOT, is gearing up for growth, setting its sights on expanding its fleet by a commendable 50% to about 110 aircraft within the upcoming five years. This ambitious goal forms part of LOT’s latest strategic blueprint. Simultaneously, the carrier has its eyes set on increasing its passenger count by a staggering 70%, targeting nearly 17 million travelers between 2024 and 2028.

Additional Routes and Service Enhancement

Apart from the marked fleet expansion, LOT is also planning to diversify its routes, incorporating 20 additional scheduled destinations. This will include venturing into more long-haul journeys. Complementing these expansions, LOT aims to elevate the flying experience, offering new interior designs and modern amenities like wi-fi connectivity. LOT's CEO, Michal Fijol, expresses his vision for the airline, stating, "As global aviation continues its metamorphosis, we're determined to be at the forefront of this transformation."

In tandem with its expansion, LOT underscores the significance of transitioning towards a more sustainable operational model. Additionally, the airline is committed to bolstering tourism development, further strengthening its contribution to the global tourism industry.

A Fresh Look for the Boeing 787-8s

As part of LOT's strategy, passengers can look forward to a renewed in-flight experience on the airline's Boeing 787-8s. These planes will undergo a comprehensive makeover, which includes a revamped cabin design, replacement of seats, an advanced in-flight entertainment system, and enhanced online connectivity. 

Tangerine, an interior design firm, is crafting the new concept, while collaborations with seat expert Recaro and communication companies Viasat and Safran Passenger Innovations will ensure the best in-class features for passengers. The newly envisioned business-class cabin will offer a spacious 1-2-1 configuration, ensuring easier aisle access. Notably, each seat will feature a unique privacy door, providing passengers with an added layer of comfort. 

Taking pride in its Polish roots, LOT is keen on integrating elements from its cultural heritage into its new designs. LOT's Director of Product Development, Izabela Leszczynska, remarks, “As a globally renowned Polish brand, it's imperative for us to infuse our rich cultural legacy into our offerings.” The airline anticipates that the inaugural revamped 787s will be introduced to the skies by 2026.