Key Points:

  • Deutsche Aircraft introduces the D328eco, designed for fuel efficiency, versatility, and state-of-the-art avionics.

  • The company has secured 90% of the supply chain for the D328eco and inaugurated a new Logistics Center in Leipzig.

  • Collaborative efforts between Deutsche Aircraft, H2Fly, and GE Aerospace are driving innovations in hydrogen-electric propulsion.

D328eco: A Game-changer in Fuel Efficiency and Versatility

OBERPFAFFENHOFEN —Deutsche Aircraft, the prominent German aircraft manufacturer, is changing the dynamics of the aviation industry with the introduction of the D328eco—a platform set to revolutionize regional flying. Alongside, the company also showcased the D328 UpLift, conceived in partnership with DLR (the German Aerospace Center) for its progressive Uplift program.

Eco-Friendly Vision with D328eco

Emerging as an eco-conscious response to the world's pressing climate challenges, the D328eco represents a modernized version of the classic Dornier 328. The aircraft stands out with its fuel-efficient engines, which not only outperform their predecessors but can also operate on 100% SAF (sustainable aviation fuel). Such capabilities hint at a significant reduction in emissions. Complementing its green credentials, the D328eco also features cutting-edge avionics, pioneered by Garmin, enhancing flight awareness and user experience. It proudly represents the first of its kind in modern sub-90-seat regional aircraft.

The design ethos of the D328eco prioritizes flexibility. It's equipped with an adaptable cabin layout and a large in-flight operable door, facilitating swift conversions. This versatility ensures the platform can transition from regional passenger services to emergency and humanitarian operations seamlessly. Moreover, it promises competitive seat-mile costs, reinforcing its potential as a market leader.

Supply Chain and Production Advancements

In a significant move, Deutsche Aircraft announced the successful procurement of 90% of the D328eco's supply chain, further solidifying its stance in the market. Alongside this, the manufacturer has fostered strategic alliances with industry entities in Northern Norway, preparing for forthcoming operations in the region.

Accelerating its production capabilities, Deutsche Aircraft inaugurated its new Logistics Center in Leipzig. Encompassing an area of 5,381 square feet, this facility will act as the receiving point for D328eco components. Conveniently located a mere ten minutes from the Final Assembly Line, the Leipzig center is all set to witness the production of the inaugural D328eco.

UpLift and Green Innovations

Deutsche Aircraft's commitment to eco-friendly innovations was evident at the recent National Aviation Conference in Hamburg, where the D328 UpLift turboprop was unveiled. This aircraft, under DLR's aegis, will serve as a research hub for pioneering green technologies. Additionally, the company's collaborative ventures with H2Fly and GE Aerospace are delving into the prospects of hydrogen-electric propulsion. These collaborations envisage equipping a Dornier 328 twin-turboprop with dual GE electric motors, drawing power from H2Fly's fuel cell system.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation, Deutsche Aircraft recently concluded a rigorous wind tunnel testing phase for the D328 ALPHA, a technology demonstrator. While this demonstrator is projected to take flight no sooner than 2025, the comprehensive nine-week testing campaign signifies a promising stride in aviation advancements.