Key Points:

  • Flybondi reinforces its leading position with a 21% domestic market share, transporting 322,000 passengers in August.

  • The newly-acquired Boeing 737-800 NG, having completed a 60-hour transit from China, awaits certification for operations under registration mark LV-KJE.

  • Over 8.5 million have chosen Flybondi in five years, with 20% experiencing flight for the first time.

Ezeiza International Airport Witnesses Flybondi's Growing Fleet Strength

BUENOS AIRES — Flybondi, Argentina's prominent low-cost carrier, marked another achievement as it welcomed its 14th aircraft at Ezeiza International Airport. As a testament to its growth, the latest addition fortifies Flybondi's position as the nation's top low-cost airline, both in terms of fleet size and capacity. The evidence is compelling; Flybondi, according to the Argentine Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC) report for August, commanded a domestic market share of 21%. This indicates a growth of 5% from 2022, equating to serving 322,000 passengers - a noteworthy jump of 123,000 passengers from the previous year.

The recently added Boeing 737-800 NG, which can accommodate 189 passengers, embarked on an extensive 60-hour journey. Originating from Jinan, China, it traveled through Chitose, Japan, proceeded to Anchorage, Alaska, then to San Antonio, USA, and made its penultimate stop in Lima, Peru, before its arrival in Argentina. The airline is now gearing up for the regulatory and certification processes, post which the aircraft will formally initiate its service operations in Argentina. Its service debut, under the registration mark LV-KJE, is anticipated in the imminent days.

Over the span of its five-year operations, Flybondi's vision has been steadfast: to democratize air travel. The airline remains committed to ensuring that more individuals experience the liberty to fly. This commitment resonates in the fact that out of the impressive 8.5 million passengers who have chosen Flybondi, a significant 20% took to the skies for their maiden flight.