American Airlines resumes Chicago-Venice service amidst rising demand

Key Points:

  • American Airlines to relaunch flights between Chicago and Venice in June.

  • Surge in international travel demand witnesses airlines, including American and United, expanding their services.

  • American Airlines will expand services to 24 international destinations from O’Hare, similar to its pre-pandemic offerings.

CHICAGO — Amidst a resurgence in demand for international journeys, American Airlines is set to resume its route between Chicago and Venice in June. This move follows the suspension of this service during the height of the COVID pandemic. The Fort Worth-based carrier, recognized as the second-largest at O'Hare International Airport, aligns its strategy with that of Chicago-based United Airlines, tapping into the vibrant international travel market.

Notably, as the world witnesses a relaxation in travel barriers, carriers are eagerly extending their networks. Alongside their European ventures, airlines have also recommenced services to China, following the country's decision to lift travel constraints.

International flying has proven to be a significant financial boon for major U.S. airlines, an observation shared by Southwest Airlines CEO Bob Jordan. Speaking at the recent Crain’s transportation breakfast event, Jordan remarked, “Legacy carriers with long-haul international routes are experiencing a trend we don't share. The demand for long-haul international flights is skyrocketing.”

American Airlines, capitalizing on this trend, is amplifying its international footprint from O’Hare Airport. By reinstating the Venice route, the airline will now connect travelers to 24 international destinations, mirroring its operations before the pandemic. In addition, the airline has revealed its plans to enhance its presence in regions like Mexico, the Caribbean, and other parts of Latin America. These locales observed a spike in popularity among leisure travelers throughout the pandemic. Consequently, American Airlines forecasts that the seat capacity from O’Hare to Latin America will witness a robust 60% surge in the fourth quarter, compared to figures from 2019.