Royal Air Maroc unveils ambitious expansion plan for next decade and a half.

Key Points:

  • Royal Air Maroc has entered into an agreement with US-based Air Lease for five Boeing jets.

  • The Moroccan airline plans to modernize and enhance its operational fleet with these aircraft.

  • This acquisition is in line with Royal Air Maroc's strategy to grow its fleet to 200 planes in the coming 15 years.

RABAT — Royal Air Maroc, Morocco's flag carrier, has solidified a deal with Air Lease, a US-based firm, for the acquisition of five Boeing jets, reinforcing its commitment to modernize and bolster its fleet.

As detailed in the agreement, the airline will procure four Boeing 737 MAX 8s and a singular 737-800, all of which are set for delivery in 2024. Air Lease has priced the contract for these five aircraft at a notable $300 million.

The forthcoming jets are drawn from a previously-ordered batch, maintained in Air Lease's backlog. Abdelhamid Addou, the CEO of Royal Air Maroc, expressed enthusiasm about the new acquisitions. "This move ensures a further strengthening and modernization of our operational fleet," he remarked.

It's noteworthy that the 737 Max jets come equipped with CFM International Leap-1B engines, whereas the 737-800 utilizes the CFM56 engine.

The new acquisitions by Royal Air Maroc align with their recently unveiled growth strategy. The airline disclosed ambitious plans to escalate its aircraft tally to roughly 200 over the ensuing 15 years, marking a significant expansion initiative.