Anticipation for foreign manufacturers' return amplifies domestic production drive.

Key Points:

  • President Putin emphasizes the importance of domestic aircraft manufacturers capitalizing on the gap left by foreign competitors.

  • Sergey Chemezov, the Rostec CEO, details future production plans, including the annual production goals for Tu-214 and SSJ 100 aircraft.

  • The MC-21's production is slated to commence in 2024, with the initial six planes earmarked for Russian airlines.

MOSCOW — At a recent meeting with Sergey Chemezov, the head of the Rostec state corporation, President Vladimir Putin urged domestic aircraft producers to take advantage of the current market gap. He emphasized that they should seize the opportunity before foreign competitors re-enter the Russian market.

"We must seize this chance to fill the current market gap," Putin underscored, highlighting the importance of capitalizing on this opportunity before the anticipated return of international manufacturers.

During this meeting, Chemezov outlined Rostec's progress, highlighting the uptick in combat aircraft production and the emerging focus on civil aircraft manufacturing. He detailed plans to ramp up the production of MC-21 and Tu-214 aircraft, pointing out the domestic airlines' demand for these models as replacements for foreign aircraft.

Delving deeper into production specifics, the Rostec CEO revealed that by 2025, the annual production rate for the Tu-214 would reach 10 units. "Given the impending 2025 departure of some foreign companies, these aircraft will prove crucial for local airlines, especially for overhauls," Chemezov explained.

Regarding the MC-21, he conveyed that production is set to kick off in 2024. Furthermore, the first batch, consisting of six aircraft, has been slated for delivery to Russian airlines.