Unexpected Diversion: From Spain to Iceland with an unplanned stop in Manchester.

Key Points:

  • A Neos Airlines flight en route from Alicante to Reykjavik was abruptly diverted, landing at Manchester Airport after an in-flight incident.

  • The incident occurred as the plane flew over Lancashire, prompting the pilot to turn towards Manchester.

  • Unverified sources hint at a potential 'medical emergency' being the reason behind the sudden diversion.

MANCHESTER — On Tuesday afternoon, Neos Airlines flight NO2903, initially bound for Reykjavik from Alicante, experienced an unexpected turn of events. The pilot took swift action after an in-flight emergency was declared, guiding the plane to Manchester Airport for a sudden landing.

Details from the flight path suggest that the aircraft took off from Alicante just past 1pm. As it was flying over Lancashire, it altered its trajectory and steered towards Manchester, successfully touching down around 3.30pm.

The specifics of the mid-air incident prompting this diversion remain unconfirmed. However, rumors suggest the sudden change in flight plans was necessitated by a 'medical emergency' on board.

The flight's trajectory map provides more insight, indicating how the plane, once nearing Manchester, made its course over Bury and Oldham before safely landing at Manchester Airport.