Enhanced 777-8 model features increased seating capacity.

Key Points:

  • Boeing's latest specifications for the 777-8 passenger jet detail a 1.1m fuselage extension, resulting in an additional 11 seats.

  • The newly adjusted passenger model now mirrors the dimensions of the 777-8 Freighter launched earlier in January 2022.

  • Uncertainties prevail over the exact timeline for the release of the passenger variant, with the freighter’s delivery anticipated in 2027.

ARLINGTON — Boeing has revealed modifications to its 777-8 passenger jet, extending its fuselage by 1.1m to match the design of its freighter counterpart, Dominic Perry from FlightGlobal reports.  This adjustment is reflected in the airframer's recent specification data for the widebody jet in development. The augmented design now measures 70.9m, up from the previous 69.8m. This extension results in an added seating capacity, allowing for 11 more passengers in a two-class configuration, raising the total from 384 to 395 seats.

January 2022 saw the introduction of the 777-8 Freighter, whose length was noted to surpass that of the passenger version from which it took inspiration. The 777-8F's provisional maximum take-off weight, as displayed in Boeing's airport planning documents, stands at 365,141kg. However, Boeing is yet to disclose comparable data for its elongated passenger variant.

The revamped 777-8 passenger jet, powered by GE Aerospace GE9X twin engines, hasn't quite taken off in terms of popularity within the new widebody range. Data from Cirium fleets registers a mere eight confirmed orders, all courtesy of Etihad Airways. Emirates Airline, on the other hand, has indicated interest in an additional 11 units. Recounting its 2014 order for 150 777Xs, Emirates had incorporated 35 777-8s and 115 777-9s. While Boeing recognizes Emirates’ firm commitment to 115 777Xs, the breakdown by variant remains undisclosed. Boeing's current monthly order and delivery records show an outstanding eight -8s against an overall gross order of 43.

As Boeing shifts its focus towards developing the freighter variant, the roadmap for the passenger model remains ambiguous. Boeing's recent financial report, accounting for the period up to 30 June, anticipates the debut delivery of the 777-9 in 2025. The company is also in the process of obtaining the Type Inspection Authorization (TIA) to initiate certification flight testing under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). While the freighter's inaugural delivery is slated for 2027, Boeing remains tight-lipped about the passenger model's launch timeline.