Frontier's latest Airbus A321neo: The culmination of ACG's order book deliveries.

Key Points:

  • Aviation Capital Group (ACG) confirms the delivery of the seventh and final Airbus A321neo to Frontier Airlines as part of their long-term lease agreement.

  • The latest Airbus A321neo delivered to Frontier Airlines features an exclusive livery showcasing "Pine, THE RED-COCKADED WOODPECKER" on its tail.

  • ACG stands as a leading global aircraft asset manager with a portfolio of over 480 aircraft leased to nearly 90 airlines across approximately 45 nations.

NEWPORT BEACH — In a recent update from Aviation Capital Group (ACG), the aviation giant has declared the successful delivery of the seventh Airbus A321neo aircraft to Frontier Airlines under a long-term lease arrangement. This delivery concludes the commitment of ACG to provide seven A321neo aircraft to the airline as per their agreement. Setting it apart, this Airbus A321neo will feature a distinct livery, showcasing “Pine, THE RED-COCKADED WOODPECKER” on its tail, keeping in line with Frontier Airlines' tradition of unique tail designs.

With roots dating back to 1989, Aviation Capital Group stands as one of the leading full-service aircraft asset managers on a global scale. As of June 30, 2023, their extensive fleet includes over 480 aircraft—owned, managed, and committed. This impressive lineup serves approximately 90 airline clients spanning about 45 countries. A testament to its stature in the industry, ACG operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary under the Tokyo Century Corporation.

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