Turkish Aerospace Industry introduces first Airbus A320neo fuselage section.

In a major development following last year's agreement at the renowned Farnborough air show, Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has successfully engineered its inaugural 18/19 fuselage section for the Airbus A320neo family at its Ankara base.

TAI confirmed the fuselage section's creation at its primary production site, where future components for the entire narrowbody series will be manufactured.

Previously, at the 2022 Farnborough air exhibition, TAI unveiled its strategic pact with Airbus. This deal encompassed the production of the A350 freighter's barrier wall and a provision for TAI's inclusion in the creation of section 18 shells and section 19 barrel of the aft fuselage for the A320neo.

Emphasizing TAI's commitment to growth and innovation, its President and CEO, Temel Kotil, stated: "In addition to our domestic creations, we persistently focus on emerging business arenas."

Proudly announcing the newly minted fuselage from their facilities, he added, "Under the umbrella of our enduring association with Airbus, it's an honor to present the result of our productive efforts. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to my team for their exceptional dedication in making astute production choices in the face of rapid changes and stringent demands."