A new era in Norwegian aviation: expands route network with Widerøe acquisition.

In a significant development reshaping the Norwegian aviation landscape, Norwegian, the preeminent airline, has struck a deal to acquire Widerøe, the country's principal regional airline. This strategic move stands to offer a more expansive route map and an array of choices to customers, while simultaneously buttressing local employment.

Maintaining Widerøe as a distinct entity with its original brand identity, organisational structure, and Bodø-based headquarters, the agreement brings together the widespread regional network of Widerøe and the extensive domestic and international routes of Norwegian. The goal is to deliver superior connectivity and an integrated, smooth travel experience.

Widerøe's reach extends to over 40 small and mid-sized airports throughout Norway, supplemented by some key European airports. Meanwhile, Norwegian boasts more than 300 routes across 114 destinations within the Nordic region and Europe.

Widerøe, the oldest aviation group in Norway, is headquartered in Bodø with additional administrative offices in Oslo. With nearly 50 aircraft under its banner, Widerøe claims approximately 20 percent of the domestic market share in Norway, gauged by passenger numbers.

Preserving their present bases and headquarters in Norway, both airlines' employees will remain with their respective companies under the current collective agreements. Widerøe will also maintain its existing contracts with other airlines.

Under the agreement, Norwegian will take over Widerøe for a cash payment of NOK 1,125 million. The final purchase price will be subject to specific adjustments post-closure, factoring in Widerøe's 2023 profitability.