MOSCOW, RUSSIA — UAC's SSJ-NEW regional jet will initially fly with Safran Engines.

United Aircraft Corporation's (UAC) all-Russian variant of the SSJ100 regional jet, the SSJ-NEW, will initially still utilize foreign components. The first prototype, currently under final assembly in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, will be equipped with the SaM146 turbofan engines, a product of a collaboration between France's Safran and NPO.

The decision to retain the SaM146 engines for the first prototype was made to prevent delays in the development program, which also aims to replace avionics and equipment previously sourced from western suppliers.

Since the onset of sanctions against Russia following the Crimea invasion in 2014, UAC has faced hurdles in the production of its most internationally diverse aircraft. The political situation in Ukraine extinguished any hopes of incorporating foreign components, prompting UAC to concentrate on the SSJ-NEW and the MC-21-310 — a variant with local PD-14 engines.

UAC has confirmed, however, that the second test SSJ-NEW will feature the Russian PD-8 turbofans, with the first batch of engines due for delivery in the coming weeks.

“In a few weeks, we will begin factory development tests, culminating in the first flight. Following this, the aircraft will be submitted for certification tests with Rosaviatsia specialists. After the systems are approved for use on board the SSJ-NEW, we will be able to commence series production and commercial operation of the aircraft,” stated Andrey Boginsky, UAC Deputy Director General for Civil Aviation.