TOKYO, JAPAN — All Nippon Airways debuts Pikachu Jet, expanding "Pokémon" presence in skies.

All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan's airline, recently debuted its Pikachu Jet NH, a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner adorned with a Pokémon-themed livery designed by The Pokémon Company.

The new aircraft started operations on June 4, with its inaugural flight from Tokyo Haneda International Airport to Bangkok. By introducing the Pikachu Jet, ANA has joined The Pokémon Company's initiative, Pokémon Air Adventures, which aids airlines in equipping their own Pikachu Jets.

Other airlines including T'way Air, Scoot, and China Airlines, have each rolled out their own versions of Pokémon-themed jets.

ANA's Pikachu Jet is currently scheduled to be in operation until October 28, offering flights from Tokyo's Haneda Airport to several international destinations, including Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Ho Chi Minh, Delhi, Sydney, Vancouver, and Honolulu.