STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN — Vastflyg leads in eco-conscious travel, commits to sustainable fuel exclusively.

Swedish regional airline Vastflyg is leading the industry by becoming the first to exclusively utilize sustainable aviation fuel for its flights. Vastflyg plans to fuel all services, including routine routes from Trollhattan airport to Stockholm Bromma and Visby, with a blend of Neste MY renewable fuel.

The biofuel can constitute up to half of the fuel blend, and Neste confirms that the mix provided to Trollhattan will lie between 30-40%.

Anna Petre, the CEO of Vastflyg, commented on the change. "By employing a substantial proportion of sustainable aviation fuel, our greenhouse gas emissions will be immediately lessened for all flights," Petre said. She added that the biofuel blend will also be utilized for their charter flights, thus making Vastflyg an environmentally friendly option for travelers mindful of their carbon footprint.

As part of this transition, Trollhattan-Vanersborg airport will only supply sustainable fuel blends to operators from mid-June onward. "Little steps can catalyze substantial changes, and that is precisely what we believe this investment demonstrates," says Anna Rahnangen, the airport’s chief executive.

Neste MY renewable fuel is entirely sourced from waste cooking oil and animal fats. Alexander Kueper, Neste’s Vice President of Renewable Aviation for Europe, applauds the decisions made by the airline and airport as "a significant and courageous step."

He adds, "Their commitment to curbing greenhouse gas emissions from air travel sets a precedent for other airports and airlines around the globe."

Vastflyg operates with Saab 340 regional turboprop aircraft, which are managed on their behalf by the Estonian carrier, NyxAir.