SINGAPORE — British Airways flight forced to reverse course after terrifying encounter with extreme turbulence.

British Airways flight 12, en route from Singapore Changi Airport to London Heathrow, was compelled to reverse course following an encounter with extreme turbulence at an altitude of 30,000 feet, resulting in injuries to one crew member that necessitated surgical intervention, according to a report by British publication, The Sun.

The incident, which unfolded above the Bay of Bengal, led to five cabin crew members sustaining injuries. An insider described the turbulence experienced by the Boeing 777 aircraft as "extreme".

The Sun's source reported a sudden drop of the aircraft by approximately five feet, followed by abrupt ascents. This unusual motion instigated widespread panic among passengers, causing a surge of fright throughout the cabin.

After nearly three hours of flight, the decision was made to return to Singapore due to the severity of the turbulence. Among the injured was a flight attendant who needed surgery to treat an ankle injury incurred during the incident.