WASHINGTON — Dutch SAF producer SkyNRG has selected Washington state as the location for a major new biogas facility, which will generate sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), a critical element in the aviation sector's drive to reduce carbon emissions.

During a Boeing conference on aviation sustainability held in Renton on Wednesday, SkyNRG's CEO Philippe Lacamp discussed the details in an interview. He anticipates the facility to be fully operational by 2028 or 2029. He noted that the plant's construction will create around 600 jobs, while its ongoing operations will provide approximately 100 permanent jobs.

SkyNRG, which maintains its U.S. office in Bend, Oregon, had previously announced that it was considering a site somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. The recent decision by Gov. Jay Inslee to sign new state legislation that offers SAF subsidies and expedites permit processes for plant construction swayed the choice in favor of Washington, Lacamp said.

The new legislation "establishes Washington state as the most appealing, most supportive state for SAF," Lacamp stated, going on to add, "It's now the most generous state in the nation."

While SkyNRG is considering several potential sites within the state, Lacamp refrained from providing specifics until they fully engage with the local communities. He explained that the company aims to be a good neighbor.

The ambitious project, which aims to produce approximately 90,000 metric tons or around 30 million gallons of SAF per year, will require a substantial investment ranging between $600 million and $800 million, Lacamp added.