MUSCAT, OMAN — On Tuesday, Oman Air reported that one of its Boeing 737 aircraft has been grounded in Iran after encountering "runway debris" at Shiraz International Airport, which resulted in damage.

The flag carrier of Oman, based in Muscat, did not provide further information on the specifics of the debris that the plane hit upon landing in Shiraz on Monday. The incident involving the aircraft has yet to be publicly recognized by Iranian officials.

In an online statement, the airline said, "Our engineering team is taking the necessary steps to safely return the aircraft to Muscat." The flight was described as a chartered service, and the passengers who were affected have been accommodated in Shiraz, located roughly 680 kilometers (420 miles) southeast of Tehran.

However, other airlines have encountered difficulties in retrieving damaged aircraft. Due to U.S. sanctions on Iran stemming from its nuclear program, there's a ban on spare aviation parts in the Islamic Republic. This issue complicates repairs on aircraft from both Boeing Co. and Airbus, as they contain American-made parts.

In December 2018, a brand-new Boeing 737 Max operated by Norwegian Air Shuttle landed in Shiraz due to an engine malfunction while flying from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The plane remained grounded there for several months before it was finally able to depart.

Shiraz Airport, along with many others in the Middle East, serves both commercial and military flights.

Despite Tehran's ongoing tensions with its Gulf Arab neighbors and the U.S., Iran and Oman have sustained close ties over the years. Oman has often acted as a mediator between the West and Iran.