AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS — KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will only be reimbursed 10% for the losses it incurred, amounting to EUR350 million (USD380 million), due to the turmoil brought about by employee shortages at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport last year, insiders disclosed to Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.

The airline sought EUR75 million (USD81 million) in damages for costs associated with passenger rebookings and compensation, as well as an additional USD275 million (USD298 million) for lost revenue. However, according to the newspaper's sources, Schiphol will only refund a portion of the rebooking fees and passenger compensations, and none of the lost revenue.

A KLM representative confirmed to De Telegraaf that an agreement had been reached with Schiphol, but did not disclose the specifics of the settlement. Schiphol maintained that the details of the agreement were confidential.

In the summer of 2022, passengers at the airport were subjected to lengthy queues, both airside and landside, due to staff shortages in the security and baggage handling departments. This led to missed flights and lost luggage. In response, Schiphol reduced its daily seat availability by 13,500 from July 6 to August 28, 2022, leading airlines to cancel hundreds of flights. The airlines under the KLM Group, which hold the majority of operations at the airport, were especially affected.

The newspaper reported that other airlines are still in the process of negotiating compensation with the airport.