SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Stan Deal revealed in an email to staff on 30 January that the company will expand its 737 MAX output by opening a new production line at the Everett facility in 2024, as demand soars for the American aircraft manufacturer's best-selling jet.

For many years, Boeing has solely manufactured its 737s at its Renton facility, originally constructed by the US Navy. The site, known for producing other narrowbody jets such as the 707s, 727s, and 757s, has been the center of 737 production for the company. On the other hand, the company's Everett plant has been designated for the assembly of widebody planes, such as the 747, 767, 777, and 787.

After shutting down the 747 lines in December 2022 and relocating all 787 production to its plant in North Charleston, South Carolina, the planemaker now has gained available space in its Everett plant.

Boeing plans to establish the new 737 production line in Everett, taking advantage of the area previously utilized for 747 production and currently being used to finalize "join verification" procedures on 787 fuselages.

“This undertaking is significant. In addition to preparing the facility, we have begun the process of notifying and preparing our suppliers, customers, unions, and employees as we take the necessary steps to create a new line. We are methodically working through all of our checks and balances, keeping safety and quality top of mind,” the email said.

Boeing has three 737 production lines at its Renton facility. The new line in Everett will bring this number to four.

Boeing recorded almost 700 orders for its MAX aircraft in the previous year and delivered 387 jets to its customers worldwide, with a total of 3,600 MAX planes still pending delivery from its backlog.