KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — Teleport, the logistics subsidiary of Capital A (formerly AirAsia Group), has announced the addition of three Airbus A321 Freighters (A321F) to its air cargo fleet.

The addition of three Airbus A321Fs will bring Teleport's cargo-only fleet to four freighters in total, in addition to over 200 AirAsia passenger aircraft belly. The new freighters will be operated by AirAsia and will be delivered to the carrier in the first quarter of 2023.

"The addition of the A321F's into Teleport's fleet provides the unique loadability and body composition where it allows for containerized loading in both the main deck and lower deck. These narrowbody freighters will greatly strengthen Teleport's cargo network and address the diversifying market demand within Southeast Asia and the overall Asia-Pacific region," 

the company said in a press note released on Sept. 12.

Teleport currently has the largest cargo network with the widest destination coverage in Southeast Asia, covering over 160 cities and access to 252 widebody and narrowbody aircraft.