DUBLIN, IRELAND — Ryanair's Chief Executive Officer Michael O'Leary has expressed concerns in a press conference over Boeing's ability to deliver the European low-cost specialist's remaining 737 MAX jets.


"They are running late at the moment, there are problems with production in Seattle, and we want to understand those problems," 


O'Leary told reporters during a press conference last week in Dublin.

Ryanair placed orders for 210 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in total and took delivery of 73 of them as of June 22, with a further 21 copies due by the end of this year. The 21 aircraft are part of an additional order of 51, which were being expected to join the airline by the end of April 2022.

Ryanair management will meet with their counterparts at Boeing later this month to discuss when they will get those 51 planes.

"At the moment, I don't trust what the Boeing team in Seattle are telling us because they keep letting us down," 


said O'Leary.

After the statements of Ryanair's boss, a Boeing spokesperson said the company values its partnership with Ryanair and is committed to supporting the airline.

Ryanair expects to continue growing despite a looming recession in Europe as people will continue to travel and prefer budget airlines for their trips.

"People in a recession will get much more price sensitive," 


O'Leary quoted.

"We will see a much larger number of people trading down from British Airways and Easyjet."


Ryanair has recently announced 21 new routes to its UK winter schedule.