MIAMI, FLORIDA  — A Red Air MD-82 with 126 passengers on board caught fire after landing at Miami International Airport on June 21 when the front landing gear collapsed. Three people had minor injuries during the incident.

The fire followed the collapse of the landing gear. The Red Air flight was conducting a scheduled flight from Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, to Miami International. Three passengers were taken to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries. Other passengers were evacuated to the terminal via buses. The airport fire crews took the fire under control and mitigated fuel spillage. The images and video footage from the incident show the plane skidded off the runway and came to rest in the grass.

The airport experienced some flight delays after the incident. Airport officials said in a tweet that the passengers were instructed to check with Red Air for details. The tweet added that the collapse of the front landing gear in the nose of the aircraft appeared to be the cause of the fire. Red Air is a Dominican Republic airline, operating one MD-82 and one MD-81 before the incident.