TOKYO, JAPAN (REUTERS) — Japan Airlines (JAL) plans to make a decision in a year or two on the replacement of its aging fleet of Boeing 767s and Embraer regional jets. JAL will consider the 787 and Airbus A321neo family jets as possible replacements for its 767 fleet and the A220 and E2 models for regional jets.

"We have got a fairly large 787 fleet, so whether it is an A321 that could then be used quite well within Asia as well, we really haven't looked at the full decision," said Ross Leggett, the airline's head of route marketing, international relations and alliances.

JAL has 31 767s, 18 Embraer E-170s, and 14 E-190s in its fleet, according to its website. Leggett said the airline had returned domestic capacity to 100% of pre-pandemic levels in May, though demand was running at about 85% to 95% of 2019 levels.