LONDON, UK — Throughout the pandemic, airline passengers have been exposed to ever-changing rules to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. As Covid restrictions are relaxing worldwide, particularly in the UK, many are confused about what regulations still prevail or have been removed during air travel as rules differ from country to country or company to company.

You still have to provide a negative Covid test or vaccination certification for some destinations and fill in a passenger locator form. These rules vary depending on where you travel. In this article, we will mention the latest mask requirements ordered by airlines based in the UK.

British Airways

British Airways no longer demands its passengers to wear a face mask during their flights within England and for flights to - from Wales as those countries completely removed Covid restrictions. But as an international airline, British Airways wants to ensure its passengers continue to comply with local restrictions and meet the requirements of the destination countries.

Jet2 no more requires wearing a face mask on board; however, the airline still advises its passengers to continue to wear a face mask if they have chronic diseases.


Face masks are no longer a legal requirement on TUI Airways for flights within the UK, but it is still recommended by the airline to wear a mask throughout your flight. For flights to Italy, it is mandatory for all passengers aged six and over to wear an FFP2 mask during their flights.


You must still wear a face mask on Ryanair flights. If your flight is to - from Italy, Austria, or Germany, it must be a FFP2 face mask.


It is no longer a legal requirement to wear a mask if you’re flying between England, Northern Ireland, Jersey, Isle of Man, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Scotland, Slovenia, Sweden, Gibraltar, Hungary, Switzerland, Poland, and Iceland.

On all other routes, all passengers aged six and over must wear a proper face mask when they are on board (no scarves, face visors, or masks with valves are allowed). You might not be allowed to board without one.


Loganair acts according to the Scottish government’s guidance that recommends passengers wear a mask rather than legally mandate it.