MOSCOW, RUSSIA — SkyTeam airline alliance announced the suspension of membership of Russian flag carrier Aeroflot. The airline made the announcement on its website yesterday.

"SkyTeam and Aeroflot have agreed to temporarily suspend the airline's SkyTeam membership. We are working to limit the impact for customers and will inform those affected by any changes to SkyTeam benefits and services," 

the alliance said.

Aeroflot confirmed the temporary suspension of the airline's membership in the alliance. The airline said it is working to minimize the impact of this decision on its customers. 

The Russian airline won't stop using SkyTeam trademarks, products, and services, but some restrictions will apply to the privileges of the alliance on Aeroflot PJSC flights.

SkyTeam is one of the three largest airline alliances, along with Star Alliance and Oneworld. The alliance has 19 members from four continents.