HOOFDDORP, THE NETHERLANDS — The Dutch MRO company Fokker Services launches a nose-to-tail component maintenance program for Boeing 737NG aircraft.

From its facilities in the U.S. and the Netherlands, more than 50% of the component MRO capabilities are completed in-house for this program. With these capabilities, Fokker Services says it maintains exceptionally high control over turnaround times, costs, and reliability, allowing customers to simplify their operations.

“Our Boeing 737NG component MRO expertise covers critical parts such as IDGs, engine accessories, hydraulic actuators, cockpit controls, and instruments. We saw a clear and logical fit in combining our vast in-house repair knowledge with our 30 years of nose-to-tail program experience. With OEM and alternative solutions available, as well as different contract options, we offer fully flexible packages to meet the unique needs of any Boeing 737NG operator,” Dirk Hanenberg, Managing Director of Component Material Services at Fokker Services, said.

Fokker Services launched its component maintenance program in 1992, which supports CRJ, Dash 8, and Fokker aircraft, with Boeing 737NG becoming the latest addition. Together with the benefits from the extensive in-house component repair capabilities, the team has strong relationships with repair network providers worldwide to support this program.

Flexibility is also at the core of this program, with various pricing, repair, scalability, and global component shipment options available to its facilities worldwide. Fokker Services focuses on fully controlling the complete supply chain with this nose-to-tail component maintenance program.