ANCHORAGE, ALASKAAlaska's low-cost startup Northern Pacific Airways unveiled its first aircraft with the airline's slick livery.

The airline will soon launch revenue flights between Asia and the US via Anchorage. Northern's Boeing 757 jet features a dark color palette of greys and blacks, with hints of blue and green on the winglets that represent the northern lights.

The spiral design on the tail is intended to represent airflow and softness. The livery on the front of the aircraft is quite sharp.

Other features of the plane include two white lines on the engine that represent the wings of a bird and ascension.

Northern Pacific Airways initially secured six Boeing 757-200 aircraft. The acquisition of the Boeing 757-200s is the first step in Northern Pacific's business plan. The first of six aircraft arrived in December 2021.

Boeing 757-200 is powered by twin 36-600 Rolls-Royce RB211 underwing turbo engines for a maximum takeoff weight of 255,000 lbs. The plane can accommodate around 200 passengers with a range of 3,915nm (7,250km).

The aircraft is less costly to fly than its wide-bodied counterparts, yet has a range greater than other aircraft of similar size. More than 1,049 Boeing 757-200s were delivered by the American manufacturer till the end of the program.