AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDSThe Dutch leisure carrier TUI fly has said goodbye to its last Boeing 737-800. The aircraft was the first Boeing 737 to enter service with the carrier in 2007.

TUI fly Netherlands has operated five Boeing 737-800s over the years, which were flown on routes to Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Airline's Boeing 737-800s have been gradually replaced by six modern Boeing 737 MAX 8s since 2018. The last copy arrived at the Schipol International Airport on New Year's Eve.

The aircraft registered PH-TFA is the last Boeing 737-800 that TUI fly Netherlands had in service. The aircraft made its last commercial flight in on October 31, from Rhodes to Schiphol. According to a TUI spokesperson, the aircraft will be returned to the owner, Dubin-based lessor SMBC Aviation Capital.

The other four former Boeing 737-800s of TUI fly Netherlands now fly with TUI fly Belgium, TUI fly Deutschland, and the American start-up Avelo.