TOULOUSE, FRANCEAirbus just announced the Airbus A350 Freighter program at the Dubai Airshow in November with a seven-aircraft order from the American leasing company Air Lease Corporation (ALC).

Once introduced, the A350F will likely be the second-largest twin-engine cargo plane in the skies.

Notwithstanding its size, Airbus boss Guillaume Faury said that the A350F might be a candidate for single-pilot operations.

Single-pilot flights are already common in private aviation since the stakes are relatively lower than a commercial airline flight with hundreds of passengers on board. Popular private jets like Embraer, Pilatus, Cessna, and Cirrus can be flown with just one pilot.

The A350 is uniquely qualified for single-pilot flying given the high level of automation already built into the aircraft, including the ability to auto descend without pilot input in case of an emergency.