Key Points:

  • Dragon Fly and Anisos Holding presented their plan to the Slovenian government for a new airline connecting Europe and Asia through Ljubljana.

  • The proposed airline would use three Airbus A330-200 aircraft and target unserved Asian destinations like Tokyo and Shanghai.

  • The Slovenian government is still considering the proposal and has previously discussed establishing a national carrier through a Public Private Partnership model.

New Airline Proposal Aims to Connect Europe and Asia through Ljubljana

Representatives from Dragon Fly and Anisos Holding, companies aiming to establish a new Slovenian carrier catering to travelers between Europe and Asia, met with the Slovenian government to discuss their plans in detail. The meeting focused on the company's vision for utilizing Slovenia's advantageous geographical location to create a hub for transfer traffic from the European Union to the Far East, specifically targeting destinations like Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Shanghai, Ex-Yu-Aviation reports.

The proposed airline intends to launch by the end of 2024 with three Airbus A330-200 aircraft and is working towards obtaining an EU Air Operator's Certificate. This initiative holds significant potential for Slovenia's air travel industry, potentially attracting new routes and boosting the country's economy.

According to data from 2019, the busiest year for travel between Europe and Asia, Tokyo and Shanghai were the top unserved Asian destinations from Ljubljana, followed by Hong Kong. Currently, Turkish Airlines dominates the Slovenian market for Asian transfer traffic, highlighting the gap in direct connections that this proposed airline could address.

Government Considerations and Potential Obstacles

While the Slovenian government acknowledges the potential of Dragon Fly's proposal, it is still considering other options. One such possibility involves establishing a new national carrier through a Public Private Partnership model. The government has held talks with various airlines regarding this initiative and previously indicated further information would be released in autumn 2023. However, due to reported internal disagreements and difficulties in securing private investment, the project's future remains uncertain.

The Dragon Fly and Anisos Holding proposal presents a unique opportunity for Slovenia to establish itself as a key player in the European-Asian air travel market. However, the government's decision will depend on its assessment of the proposal's viability and its alignment with its broader transportation strategy. Ultimately, securing the necessary investment remains a crucial challenge for any new airline initiative, and the government must carefully consider all options to ensure the success of Slovenia's future in the air travel industry.