Key Points:

  • Hawaiian Airlines announces new daily flights from Salt Lake City to Honolulu starting May 15, 2024, and expands service from Sacramento to Kauai and Kona.

  • The new routes will utilize the Airbus A321neo aircraft, with the Salt Lake City service being the airline's 16th mainland gateway.

  • Hawaiian Airlines to introduce complimentary high-speed Starlink internet on its A321neos, excluding interisland fleet.

Expanding Hawaiian Horizons: New Routes and Enhanced Connectivity

HONOLULU — Hawaiian Airlines is set to introduce three new routes to the mainland in the spring of 2024, responding to high demand and filling gaps left by other airlines. Starting May 15, the airline will launch daily services between Salt Lake City and Honolulu, utilizing the Airbus A321neo, which seats 189 passengers. This addition marks Hawaiian Airlines' 16th mainland gateway. Both Peter Ingram, CEO of Hawaiian Airlines, and Bill Wyatt, manager of Salt Lake City Airport, have highlighted the benefits of these flights for tourism and educational exchanges. Notably, Salt Lake City has been a popular destination from Hawaii and is home to a significant Pacific Islander population, estimated at around 60,000.

Hawaiian's flight schedule includes red-eye options, with Flight HA84 departing Honolulu at 6:50 pm and arriving in Salt Lake City at 5:15 am the following day. Conversely, Flight HA83 will leave Salt Lake City at 7 am, reaching Honolulu at 9:55 am. This scheduling is particularly advantageous for Hawaii-bound travelers, allowing them to maximize their stay without incurring extra hotel costs.

Sacramento Services and Complimentary WiFi on Board

In addition to the Salt Lake City route, Hawaiian Airlines is expanding its services from Sacramento. Beginning May 24, the airline will offer four weekly flights to Kauai, and starting May 25, three weekly flights to Kona. These new services will complement existing flights from Sacramento to Honolulu and Maui, all operated using the Airbus A321neo.

In a move to enhance passenger experience, Hawaiian Airlines has also announced the introduction of free high-speed WiFi on its A321neo aircraft, courtesy of Starlink internet. This service is expected to roll out early next year, although it will not be available on the airline's interisland fleet. The inclusion of complimentary WiFi positions Hawaiian Airlines as a more competitive and passenger-friendly option, especially for those on longer flights to and from the mainland.