Key Points:

  • Airbus delivered 64 aircraft in November, a slight decrease from the previous year, bringing 2023's total to 623 units.

  • The company is now 97 deliveries away from its annual target of 720, considered achievable by analysts.

  • Airbus confirms 1,512 total orders for the year, with a net of 1,395 after cancellations, despite ongoing supply chain difficulties.

Airbus Nearing Annual Delivery Goal

TOULOUSE — Airbus has confirmed the delivery of 64 aircraft in November, marking a 6% decrease compared to the same period in 2022. This brings the total deliveries for the year to 623 units. The European aerospace corporation now faces the task of delivering 97 more aircraft in December to reach its ambitious full-year target of 720 deliveries. This objective appears within reach when compared to the average of 93 December deliveries over the past three years, and notably higher than the pre-pandemic December average of 131 units.

The release of Airbus' monthly operational bulletin was advanced by a day following an early report by Reuters on the delivery numbers. This announcement comes as Airbus seems poised to achieve its yearly delivery goal, a significant improvement from last year when the company had to abandon a similar target due to supply chain disruptions.

Airbus' Order Book and Operational Challenges

Despite the operational hurdles, Airbus has reported a robust order book for the year, with 1,512 orders received so far. After accounting for cancellations, the net total stands at 1,395 orders. Notable among November's net orders are those announced at the Dubai Airshow, deals with SMBC Aviation Capital, and the cancellation of an A230neo order by Kuwaiti lessor Alafaco.

The latest data also reflects some reshuffling of orders within the International Airlines Group (IAG). British Airways and Aer Lingus, both subsidiaries of IAG, have adjusted their individual orders as part of the group's overall strategy. Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury acknowledged last week that while the company's supply chains continue to pose challenges, the year-end delivery target seems increasingly manageable.