Key Points:

  • The Boeing 737 MAX 10 has initiated its first certification flight test, following the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) authorization of the process.

  • Boeing's Vice President, Mike Fleming, highlighted this authorization as a crucial step towards the aircraft's entry into passenger service.

  • The FAA's approval allows agency pilots to participate in flight tests, gathering essential data for the certification of the largest MAX variant.

Boeing 737 MAX 10: A Leap Towards Certification

SEATTLE — Less than a day after receiving the go-ahead from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Boeing's 737 MAX 10 began its inaugural certification flight test. On November 22, 2023, Boeing announced that this pivotal variant of its MAX series had been greenlit for certification testing. An internal memo from Boeing's Vice President, Mike Fleming, emphasized the FAA's authorization as a crucial development in the 737-10’s path to entering commercial operations.

The FAA's type inspection authorization, as announced in the memo, demonstrates the swift action taken by Boeing. A social media post by the aircraft manufacturer revealed that flight testing activities commenced immediately following the authorization, showcasing the company's prompt response.

Critical Steps in Flight Testing and Certification

The FAA's authorization signifies that its pilots will participate in the flight tests, which are essential for collecting vital flight data. Boeing's social media update, which was shared on X (formerly known as Twitter), captured the 737-10 readying for its certification flight at Boeing Field in Seattle. This flight marks the beginning of a series of tests less than 24 hours after receiving the FAA's approval.

Boeing is optimistic that its experience from the ongoing certification process of the 737 MAX 7, which is further ahead in its journey, will positively influence the subsequent stages for the MAX 10. The start of these flight tests is not just a milestone for the 737 MAX 10 but also a step forward in Boeing's broader efforts to enhance its aircraft portfolio and reassure stakeholders about the safety and reliability of its latest models.

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