Key Points:

  • SMBC Aviation Capital has placed an order for 60 more A320neo Family aircraft, taking its total order to nearly 340 aircraft directly from Airbus.

  • The new order ensures a steady delivery of A320neo aircraft to SMBC Aviation Capital beyond the end of this decade, reinforcing the strategic partnership with Airbus.

  • The A320neo Family's technological advances and fuel efficiency make it the most successful next-gen single-aisle aircraft program, with over 9,700 orders from more than 130 customers.

Expanding Fleet with Technologically Advanced Aircraft

SMBC Aviation Capital, a major player in aircraft leasing, has further expanded its portfolio with an additional order of 60 A320neo Family aircraft from Airbus. This order elevates the total number of A320neo aircraft purchased directly from Airbus to nearly 340, signifying a significant investment in the latest aviation technology. The A320neo Family, known for its exceptional seat mile cost, provides airlines with the flexibility to extend their networks into new longer-haul routes previously unfeasible with single-aisle jetliners.

Sustained Global Demand and Long-Term Partnership

Peter Barrett, CEO of SMBC Aviation Capital, highlighted this transaction as a reflection of the continued global demand for fuel-efficient, technologically advanced aircraft. This order comes at a time when the aviation industry is experiencing a robust recovery worldwide. Barrett emphasized the importance of sustainability and operational efficiency, anticipating an increased demand for models like the A320neo and A321neo. This latest order cements the long-standing strategic partnership between SMBC Aviation Capital and Airbus, extending well into the future.

A320neo Family: Leading the Single-Aisle Market

Christian Scherer, Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Airbus International, lauded SMBC Aviation Capital’s decision to reinvest in the A320neo Family, interpreting it as a strong vote of confidence in the success of the program. The A320neo Family, featuring new generation engines, Sharklets, and cabin efficiency enhancements, boasts a 20% reduction in fuel consumption. Since its launch in 2010, the A320neo Family has become the world’s top-selling next-generation single-aisle passenger plane, with more than 9,700 orders from over 130 customers. This ongoing success underscores Airbus's leadership in the single-aisle market and reinforces SMBC Aviation Capital's commitment to a sustainable aviation roadmap through efficient aircraft options.